Fun Zones

Canada 150 hula hoopers sitting in red and white hoops

We bring the props, you bring the play!

We can bring 30+ colourful hula hoops of all sizes, plus music plus a hula hoop expert to engage with the public. We encourage play, learning and dance for all ages, even the adults! Call it a hoop dance party, or a hula hoop fun zone and we can expand and move to fit any location and activate it. This installation also works with your DJ or live music already in place, and we can help get the party started.

Hula hoop fun zones tile with pictures of happy people learning how to hula hoop
We bring the hoops!

Want more fun zones?

We can also bring Juggle Fun Zones, and Poi Fun Zones to add to the excitement. Made with softer balls so kids and adults can learn new skills in comfort! They can be stand alone or bundled with hula hoop fun zones.

Hoop you fun zone hoop jam in a park

Add-on Workshops

Want a little more structure at your event? We can add on mini lessons, mini shows or teach mini choreo for kids and/or adults. Slot us in to any schedule you need; from 5 minute hula hoop demonstrations to half hour lessons, from busking shows to interactive shows with a kids choreo lesson built in.

Zola Molotov teaches a kids hoop choreo dance
Kids choreo with Zola Molotov

Pop UP Parades

pop up parade with bella juggling in yellow and poise 'n ivy on stilts

Coming soon to a street near you!

“The Ice Cream Truck of parades!”

You won’t know we are coming until you hear the music waft up the street. You run outside to catch the brief and colourful show, and you wave at your neighbours from the next yard over.

Try using the hashtags #PopUpParades #popupparadeTO and #neighbourhoodparade to find out where we’ve been and maybe even to request a Pop up Parade on your street!

Have you seen us dance by? Wanna donate to the fun?
You can choose your donation here:

Performers for Christmas & Winter Holiday Events

hoop performers christmas elves

Performers & Dancers with a Holiday Theme

Do you need performers to light up your celebration with a specific theme?  We are happy to coordinate with your event planner to match your needs, such as style, performances and special colours.  We even have LED props and costumes that we can tailor to your theme.


Need some red and white at your holiday festivities?  We have plenty of hoops to match the dancing hoop elves.  We have roaming hoop characters, choreographed hoop dances, and glow shows all in the theme.

christmas holiday elf hoop performers

Fire and Ice Shows

When January comes along, people in northern climates start dreaming of fire in the middle of all the ice.  Fire & Ice shows are a popular theme for mid-winter parties so we came up with an original circus performance to showcase the best of both worlds.  Using real fire, and LED “ice” props, two characters battle it out to see who deserves to reign over the land.

fire and ice themed circus performers

This fire and ice show is choreographed to music and uses multiple fire props, LED hoops, the amazing visual poi featuring your logo or special messages plus an amazing fire duet finale.


ice and logo visual poi
Visual Poi Logo’s & messages

toronto fire performer duet

Characters for Hire

Get the right performer for your party or festival

Every occasion has a different vibe and we want to help get yours right. Let us know exactly what you want to create and we will send you the perfect character(s) and prop style for your event.

Here are some of our most popular performance characters:

Holiday Hula Hoop Parties

Looking for something unique for your next office party? Want to work off the cake and eggnog while trying something new?


We offer hoop dance parties for any events. We will come to your location, put on a show for you (choose from fire, glow, or flow) and then set up an interactive hoop party and get the dancing started!

Hula hooping is a great way to break the ice, loosen up and help make the transition from work to play. Professional hoop dancers can teach beginners and intermediate hoopers how to get that hoop moving plus all the newest tricks. We love what we do and it shows! We come equipped with music or we can blend in to whatever atmosphere you have set up at your event.

christmas hula hoop parties for corporate events

Fire shows
LED glow shows
Cabaret Style shows
Daytime hoop dance and flag shows
Hoop Jams & Interactive Hoop party

Contact us for more ideas and pricing!

LED Glow shows & Glow Parties for Kids


Hoop You now offers glow parties! Great for kids of all ages (and yes, that means adults too)

A glow show performance plus choice of:

  • 1/2 hour hoop* dance party
  • 1/2 hour hoop dance workshop
  • Hoop making: every child gets to make their own hoop and keep it
  • Hoop making and hoop dance party combo

*hoops for workshops are not glow hoops

Contact us for more details:

Kids Parties, Festivals & Family Events

colleen costello hoop fort for kids

We are happy to add a hoopla wherever you may need one!

Festival Activation Spots

Let us add some pep to your event, we can take up a colourful spot in your landscape and add hoop dance, hoops to spare for festival goers to play with, and music, if desired.  See people drift over as sparkly fun hooping catches the eye of kids and adults alike!

Colleen and Kelly hoop activation

colleen with kids hoop you

Kids Hula Hoop Parties

Good for boys and girls!  Birthdays, Bar & Bat Mitzvah’s, family fun days and more.

hoop you hula hoop train with kids