Lyza Moon

This lovely performer brings some class and heat to your event, with beautiful fire dancing, and multiple props. Lyza Moon is perfect for indoor and outdoor events where you want to bring the spice with the sequins.

Classy Fire Dancing Duet

Dancing with Fire, a choreographed 10 minute show for your next big event. Sleek and stylish, fire in synch, and choreo on point, you can’t go wrong with this 2 person fire performance for larger spaces. Great for indoor and outdoor events.

Fire torches, fire fans, dragon staff and fire eating are featured in this act.

Duo Reel Video

Hula Hoop Shows

Lyza moon poses on a white couch with LED hula hoops, they are lit up with blue lights,  wearing a blue costume in a banquet wall
We are called Hoop You after all!

If you are looking for a short and intense hula hoop experience, Lyza Moon brings the latest in technology with her LED hula hoops to fit any theme.
Lyza Moon is available for feature shows and ambient background performance.

Want more? Spice it up with a fire hoop for a little extra flare and enjoy the captivating lights and movement only hula hoops can bring. Check her out in this video:

Lyza Moon Hoops Demo

Pyra & Drums in Paradise

Fun! Exciting! … and just a little messy. This team up collaboration is totally unique and great for summer parties, and outdoor events where you want to level up the excitement meter.

With this 15 minute show + crowd interaction you can’t beat this one-of a kind show!

Fire and Water take centre stage