Fire & Ice characters from Hoop You

We Don’t Freeze at Zero Degreez!

Gingerbread Girlz

Gingerbread Girl promotional flyer from Hoop You, with red and green backdrop and picture of gingerbread characters playing with hula hoops, marching in a parade and closeups of their festive christmas faces, and a gingerbread girl on stilts.

The Gingerbread girlz love to play in the night or day, with hula hoops, lights and a festive fun backdrop. They are available for parades, reverse parades, animation, pop-up strolling dance parties and even shows, and they can dress for any weather!

Gingerbread on stilts!

Giant Gingerbread Girl (on stilts) for extra sweetness!

Gingerbread Girlz ‘n Glow!

Gingerbread Girlz ‘n Glow for the Holiday’s

Parades & Reverse parades with glow & dance

Fire & Ice

fire and ice show promo for hoop you

We can do indoor and outdoor Fire & Ice characters and even shows, with or without REAL fire!


Putting a little glow and height in the fire & ice