Field of Butterflies

hoop you does field of butterflies roaming characters with mist background
Hoop You and their new Field of Butterflies roaming characters

Our colourful new roaming act! 

Field of Butterflies

A dynamic addition of colour and movement to large spaces.

A kaleidoscope of butterflies flutters around your event space, each one unique and beautiful. Alternating between a beautiful chaos and choreographed dancing, they also create a unique and portable backdrop for photos and love to spend time posing for pictures and playing “cocoon” with kids. You can see some videos down below.

bella magic wearing a butterfly crown and eyleashes

Imaginative Glowing add-on for dusk and beyond!

Sparkle of Fireflies

See your Butterflies transform into a Fireflies with glowing Isis wings and a sparkly disposition. Great for evening events to create a magical feeling of excitement and movement. They love to dance in large spaces, with and without crowds.