Glow Shows & LED Performances

Zola Pop with 3 LED glow hula hoops smiling
Glow hula hoops with a smile

Our Epic Fire & Glow for the holidays

Glow Roaming characters

Indoors and Outdoors any time of the year, we love to light up the night with glow characters and we also like our LED props!

  • Glow juggling
  • LED hula hoops
  • giant LED wings
  • programmable props with your logos graphics, photos and more.
  • street roaming to amp up the vibe or lure people to a specific area,
  • go-go-glow dancing to your DJ or music you have in place, to
  • dramatic glow characters designed to amaze

A Sparkle of Fireflies

The next step in our “Field of Butterflies” offering, where our daytime butterflies can don their glow Isis wings, making the transition from day to night, flitting around the dusk of an event just like real fireflies do!