Do you have a festival to fill?

We provide entertainment for the daytime, nighttime and everything in between!

Fire, Glow, hula hoops, juggling, magic, bubbles, butterflies, stilts and more…

Here is a sample of what we can do for you, whether you want the same awesome thing on repeat, or something different every day, our team can provide what you need, from morning to midnight.

From large international busker festivals including Waterloo and Toronto to the Ontario Paris fairgrounds; from BBQ festivals across Canada to municipal street festivals all over the country; our performers are reliable, engaging and love to entertain.

A day at the Toronto Busker Festival

Mix and Match for daytime and night time performances to keep the entertainment going!

Daytime Fun Zones

Hula hoop Fun Zone :

40+ hula hoops to engage the public, all sizes and ages, plus a battery operated speaker, music and hula hoop dancers to show off, teach tricks and keep the energy going. Up to 4 hours with one performer, can fit into any size location.

Bubble Fun

Zoe Stardust brings her bubbles out to play. With amazing bubble shows for indoor locations and bubble fun zones for outdoor locations, she’s never met a bubble she doesn’t like. For festivals, we recommend a roped off outdoor area with a diameter of 6-8ft for her to work in. If there is room around that for kids to chase them down, even better.

Mix ‘n Match

Need to fill more time? We can alternate between hoops and bubbles in the same space, scheduling our bubble fun between hula hoop fun. Or make a big impact all at once for for the ultimate fast and furious fun zone.

Colourful Daytime Roaming

A Bouquet of Petal Dancers

Twirling their way through the event, they can cover a lot a ground, catch the eye to draw people in and stay dancing in a space to warm it up for the next act. They add colour and movement, dynamic and cheerful, both indoors and out. People love to take photos with them.

hoop you in petal dress glory, with pink, orange, yellow and green large skirt dresses
4 matching pink dynamos, OR one of each in pink/green/yellow/orange, these dancers flow in and out of crowds, animating any music they find and posing for gorgeous pictures with people; they themselves are the backdrop.

Field of Butterflies

A kaleidoscope of butterflies flutters around your event space, each one unique and beautiful. Alternating between a beautiful chaos and choreographed dancing, they also create a colourful and portable backdrop for photos and love to spend time posing for pictures and playing “cocoon” with kids. You can find more here.

Just a little video from various festivals and carnivals in 2023

Shining after Sunset

LED Programable Visual Poi

Picture light up roamers, all matching, with identical light wands changing in tandem: Team LED! Our programable poi can include sponsor logos, fun images, graphics, words, photos etc. They can be programmed in a theme or just to be awesome and surprising crowd pleasers.

Epic Fire Shows

We make big and exciting fire accessible to small and large crowds alike. We have tight choreographed stage style for feature acts, and more comedic circle style busking shows. We can perform either in a duo, trio and 4 person size to suit any venue or size of crowd. People love our joyful interaction, fun dance routines and top of the line props. We are insured and trained for indoor and outdoor fire performances.

Teaser of our 3-4 person outdoor show

The one minute version!

Our fabulous trio at an indoor event.

3 person banquet hall style

A Sparkle of FireFlies

Our Field of Butterflies seamlessly transforms into a Sparkle of Fireflies. LED Roamers with glow wings flitting around and doing Pop-Up fluttering, option of one on stilts.

LED Glow Show

An entertaining LED half hour show, set to music including LED isis wings, LED hoops, smart props like our visual poi, programmed with the theme of your event.

Glow shows, go-go-glow and roaming to light up the night

Let us know more about your event and we will find the perfect fit for you!