Rhinestone Rodeo

An all girl circus show with a country flair!

Busking or theatre style, these gals are as comfortable on the street as they are on the stage!

Now selling shows with fire and no-fire options to suit any event!

These gals will jump through hoops (and ropes!) for you with a smile on their face the whole time! 

Meet Bella Magic, the fastest wit in the west, Zoe Stardust, the bubbly Southern Belle, and our whisky river darling Lucy Loop.

You can expect to see rope tricks, hula hoops, hoop lasso’s, fan fun, line dance routines, audience participation and, of course, a healthy dose of country music. Throw in some comedy with extra sass and maybe even a little fire to warm your hearts.

“This hoop happy hootenanny will leave you two-stepping pretty for the rest of your day.”