Canada Themes & more

Canada 150 red and white hula hoop performers

Red & White themed characters + Hoop Fun Zones!

We bring you red & white hula hoops for the public to play with, teach mini lessons and encourage dance parties. This flexible Hoop Fun Zone can animate any spot large or small you need to fill with energy and fun. We provide speakers & music OR we can fit seamlessly in with any DJ or live music scenarios you already have set up.

Hoop Dancers

On or off the stage, add some flare and energy to any spot with hoop dancers, trained to complement any style of music with dance and flow tricks. Go-go style, or roaming and interactive. LED glow options for after dark.

canada day costumes and red and white hula hoops
Whacky and energetic, we can get anybody hula hooping!

This is for all ages, families, kids and adults! We have hoop in different sizes to match every skill and size, and our enthusiasm makes it a “fun-for-all”!