Bella Magic

A headliner at Canada’s Wonderland as well as performing for Justin Bieber’s Dad on his birthday, she can sing, she can juggle, she’s hilarious… she’s a on-of-a kind gal bringing you some Magic for the Holidays or any time of year!

Bella Magic tile, a girl in a beautiful yellow flower dress who can juggle, hula hoop and fire dance
Bella Magic: Magic, Glow, Juggle & Fire

LED GLOW DEMO for Bella Magic

Bella as a bunny advertising balloon twisting for kids


  • Magic Shows
  • Fire shows
  • LED Glow shows
  • Elsa Character
  • Gaia Character

She sings, she dances, she sets the world on fire. Classy or Sassy, she can bring it all to your next event.


  • Juggling
  • Magic
  • fire fans
  • fire poi
  • LED glow hoops
  • daytime hula hoops
  • busking
  • group shows
Gaia themed costume filled with flowers advertising a roaming character for Hoop You
Mother Earth come to life