Flowery and dynamic characters to suit any occasion!

Let Us Add Some Magic

Field of Butterflies

A dynamic addition of colour and movement to large spaces. Indoor and outdoor events, each one unique and beautiful.

Poise ‘n Ivy Stilt Character

Poise 'n Ivy character on stilts from Hoop You
Just a little Spring on Stilts, lifting up the spirits of everyone she encounters!

Gaia Roaming Character

Gaia themed costume filled with flowers advertising a roaming character for Hoop You
Not just for easter, this amazing Spring Gaia character can roam the party with her magical contact crystal ball, a beautiful and magical form of juggling.

See what we mean with this Gaia video here:

Madame Monarch Butterfly character

This Butterfly beauty can wing around to music, doing photo ops and flitting from location to location with ease.

Garden Fairy plus a Singing Circus show!

This lovely garden character can roam around the garden with flower props or hula hoops, plus she has a *Singing Circus Garden Show* with songs about flowers and gardens that everyone knows and loves and can sing along to.
Little miss hoops along character from scarlet black and hoop you
Hula hoops, flower fans, flower poi and more, this gal can romp around a garden party adding whimsical circus flair (bunny is optional!)