Hoop Workshops for Teens

Get off the cell phone and into a hoop!

Its hard to stay active these days, especially with school, friends and family pressures.  Hoop workshops for teens can introduce a new element that everyone can take home.  Let us bring an element of fun into your school, camp or backyard.  Heck, all we need is an empty parking lot and we can still hoop!
A hoop is a friend you can carry around and you never have to plug in…

Give us your playlist and we can design a workshop you will love!

Dancing with your Hoop

Hooping can happen around the waist and on the hands and these days, everyone has a different level of experience.  Lets take that and move it into flow, where your dancing and your hooping come together.

Body Awareness with your Hoop

This workshop is designed especially for younger adults and the pressures they deal with when it comes to self-awareness and self-confidence.

Hoop Ninjas

Good for any and all genders, let’s toss that hoop around and learn some tricks.

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