Adult Hoop Workshops

Looking for Hoop workshops for teenagers or hoop workshops for kids?

Standard hoop workshops run for 2 hours, and they all include music and a 15 minute hoop dance jam with the opportunity for questions and individual help.  Talk to us about providing hoops and pricing.

Beginners Hooping

Learn to hoop from the ground up.  Waist, hip, chest hooping, we can help you improve whatever level you are at.  Never picked up a hoop?  Perfect!

Hoop Dance

Take your hooping to the next level and add the dance.  Have a favourite style of music?  We can tailor this to your styles or give you ideas in multiple genres.  Tricks and getting into the flow.

Doubles the Fun: hand hooping

Intro to hand hooping with a focus on 2 hoops.  Weaves, tricks and flicks, we can introduce the flow into your doubles hooping.

Doubles the Fun: on body hooping

On body double hoops, including body splits and training your brain to go 2 directions at once.

Get to know your Polypro

Love the lighter side of hooping?  Polypro and the lighter materials can be great for fast reversals, rhythym dancing and breaks.  We can help you connect with the hoop dance.

Mix & Match

Have a group of people who want to learn specific things?  We can tailor a 2 hour workshop to your needs.