Dancing with Doubles


A workshop for twin hoop dance beginners

2 Hours

Dancing with doubles, or twin hoops, is a workshop which helps develop the skills and strength for free body movement while spinning two hoops.

Requirements: beginner waist hoop skills and spinning a hoop on your hand.

To Bring: a blindfold and 2 double hoops if you have them.

This is for people who have decided that since one hoop is awesome, 2 must be better right?  This will cover all the basics of double hooping, including on and off body skills.

The general purpose and flow is as follows:

  • blindfold guided meditation focusing on the momentum and weight of the hoops
  • arm and hand positioning, moving hoops up and down the arms
  • planes and keeping the hoops parallel
  • changing directions, forward and back spinning
  • intro to anti-spins and flowers, depending on skill levels
  • grip versus spinning on hands
  • 2 beat weave
  • on body waist and hands
  • intro to splitting hoops on body
  • at least one transition from on-body to off-body
  • one or two fun tricks
  • 10 min play/dance time and individual questions

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