Hoop You for the Weekends

Do you have a festival to fill?

We provide entertainment for the daytime, nighttime and everything in between!

Fire, Glow, hula hoops, juggling, bubbles and more…

Here is a sample of what we can do for you, whether you want the same awesome thing repeated over the weekend, or something different every day, our team can provide what you need.

Thursday Evening Glow Ideas

Giant glowing LED Swan/Angel wings

Warming up the space.
Smart wings, with changing patterns and a large impact. We have 2 sets of these wings, and one of them has an option for stilts.

LED Programable Visual Poi

Picture 2-4 light up roamers, all matching, with identical light wands changing in tandem: Team LED! Our programable poi can include sponsor logos, fun images, graphics, words, photos etc. They can be programmed in a theme or just to be crowd pleasers.

Friday and Saturday Daytime Ideas

Hula hoop fun zone:

50+ hula hoops, speaker, music etc: flexible, moveable or take up space-able.

Bubble Dance Party

1/2 hour sets, up to 3 per day: play with Zola’s bubbles, with music and chasing them down, and even make your own bubble station. We have giant wands for kids so they have the option of dip their own bubbles too.

A Bouquet of Petal Dancers

Twirling their way through the event, they can cover a lot a ground, catch the eye to draw people in and stay dancing in a space to warm it up for the next act. They add colour and movement, dynamic and cheerful, both indoors and out.

hoop you in petal dress glory, with pink, orange, yellow and green large skirt dresses
4 matching pink dynamos, OR one of each in pink/green/yellow/orange, these dancers flow in and out of crowds, animating any music they find and posing for gorgeous pictures with people; they themselves are the backdrop. https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17992056565472027/

Friday Night Fire show

We have 15 minutes stage style shows, feature fire, drama and fun or 30 minute busker style, with a little comedy, mic and audience interaction, depending on the vibe you need.

Saturday Daytime Ideas

Field of Butterflies

Saturday Night Glow

A Sparkle of FireFlies

Roamers with LED isis wings flitting around and doing Pop-Up fluttering

LED Glow Show

An entertaining LED half hour show, set to music including LED isis wings, LED hoops, smart props like our visual poi, programmed with the theme of your event.

Sunday Daytime

Garden Party Characters

These can be combined with contact juggling, silk flags, stilts and more depending on the character. Individual roamers, so can be spaced however suits your schedule or all together.

Let us know more about your event and we will find the perfect fit for you!