We know it can be confusing and a little convoluted to hire performers, especially in strange times. We have always striven for clarity and we want to understand your needs, as well as to help give you the best bang for your buck! To that end we have decided to give you our prices in advance, that way you know what you are booking and why!

From Looking to Booking

We want to make it as simple as possible for you to get the show you want, and that’s by being honest about what we provide and what we need from you to perform at our best! Now, every event is unique and there are always elements and custom requests that may change our pricing models, but we will always lay it out in advance before going ahead.

Example Pricing

Base price:

Fire: $700 + hst
Glow: $600 + hst

  • considered a solo show, this includes 2 people, one fire specialist and one for safety plus a little extra pizzaz
  • each extra performer is +$500


  • Visual Poi +$100/pair
  • Fire Eating +$100
  • Travel outside of the GTA $50/hour
  • custom music choices +$50
  • LED Angel wings +$100