Jenn Sunset: Teaching Double Hoop Dance in Dubai

Your favourite teacher teaching your new favourite sport!

Jenn Sunset has an eye for micro-details and can break hoop tricks and moves down into manageable bits so anyone can learn them. Then she makes it fun.
With a background in teaching high school and a specialty in math; tutoring, circles  and their movements come naturally to her!

Short BIO

DO, LEARN, PLAY: That’s Jenn ‘s philosophy on hooping.  Since the day she took action and picked up a hoop, FLOW-FUN has been her mantra. With over 20 years experience in classroom, her hoop teaching style translates into well-developed workshops, with clear movement goals, fun brain-play and success-driven explorations.  In Toronto, Jenn teaches math and hula hooping across the city.  During classes and jams, she helps to expand the community, always recruiting new members to join the tribe.  Professionally, she has trained, taught and performed for a multitude of hoop organizations and special events.  FLOWGROUND is excited to have Jenn bring hoop love, laughter and learning to Dubai this March.  Hope to see you there.

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Jenn Sunset Double Hoops in the sun2