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Fire & Ice duo with Scarlet Black and Lucy Loop
toronto fire performer duetDescription:

Fire and Ice are at odds with each other in this theatrical circus show set to music, including LED glow props and fire dancing. Will they ever get along?
Join them for this specialty act including both a glow finale and a fire finale.  Scarlet and Lucy range from the goofy to the dramatic and include the latest in glow and fire props technology.  This show can be performed indoors (space permitting) or outdoors and can range from 10-20 minutes depending on your needs.

Props included in this show*:

  • multiple glow hoops
  • glow poi
  • fire fingers & orb
  • fire staff
  • fire fans
  • fire poi
  • fire hoops

*This show works best in low lighting (indoors) or after sunset (outdoors).  See below for daytime options

Fire and Ice Promo Video:

Graphic Poi

Upgrade the show with your company’s logo, messages or special congratulations with the astonishing Graphic Poi!  Pictures and words come to life as they spin.

new years visual poi in Toronto
Visual Poi New Years Eve 2015 Toronto

Graphic Poi Gallery

 Graphic Poi Single Pictures

lucy loop fire dancer with fire fans flame wall
Lucy Loop with Fire Fans flaming wall
winter ice princess hoop you
Scarlet Black as a winter ice princess in Minto for NYE

Short Demo:

Sometimes Fire & Ice can’t wait for night-time, or perhaps fire dancing doesn’t work for your venue.  We now offer adapted versions of this show for different space and light level conditions:

  1. Full version, including Fire Dancing, Glow Props, and Graphic Poi
  2. Fire version, including Fire Dancing and Glow Props
  3. No-fire version, including Glow and simulated fire with extended Graphic Poi
  4. Daytime version, including fabric fans, flags, sparkly hula hoops & colour poi

Talk to your contact about your venue details, pricing and customizing your very own Fire & Ice show!

Fire and Ice show with Scarlet Black and Colleen Jean