Delving into Doubles

Dive deeper into double hoops while keeping your flow intact

This is for people who already like using 2 hoops and are trying to find ways to preserve the joy of flow they experience dancing with one hoop. It will be skill building and tweaking, concentrating on seamless ways of changing direction, strength building, keeping the feet moving, and new ways of looking at planes.

Some things we will delve into are:

  • grip switching, thumb roll vs. finger roll
  • 3 beat weaves
  • spinning planes and changing your body positions
  • windmills and other forward facing moves
  • finding your favourite move for each body position
  • core work for splitting hoops on body
  • transitioning from on-body to off-body
  • off-body breaks


  • A love of double hoops and 2 feet on the floor.
  • Some experience with double hooping,  know the 2 beat weave
  • Bring a blindfold and your favourite  same size hoops (Hoops will also be provided for use.)

Your instructor will be Colleen Costello and you will be treated to a very small class size with personalized instruction.

We look forward to hooping with you!  Feel free to contact us with any questions at:

Delving into Doubles – payment options:

  • Cash in class
  • Email transfer to
  • Credit card or PayPal below

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