colleen costello LED hoops at Fort York

Hoops can accompany you almost anywhere:  beaches, parks, dance clubs, foreign countries, your best friends house, and your own living room.  (As long as you put protective foam in front of the TV!)  So find your hoop and come join us!

baby with hula hoops

Oh, those little plastic hoops!  Jenn found one in the garbage pile at Shambhala Music Festival in 2010 and left it behind in Galen’s car.  He thought it was for him, but I knew it was for me.  (I’ve since returned it to Galen with apologies… however, I’m not sorry I got to play with it for 2 years!)  The inspiration and perseverance I’ve discovered with it is unlike anything else I’ve ever done.  It is an excuse to dance, anytime, anywhere with abandon.  Like we used to when we were kids, without all that self-conciousness that tends to come with growing up.

Attending workshops such as Jonathan Baxter’s Hoopath, Sugar Hoops classes, Well Rounded Hoops classes, Inflow Festival Workshops, Alley ‘Oops Fire Hoop workshops, Lissa Lottie and more only inspires us more to share, teach and perform what we’ve learned.