Check out our driveway circus shows, neighbourhood parades and private fire shows! From small to large weddings, from indoor to outdoor venues we can scale to fit your needs.
New this year: Kids Camp Special!
Book a fire show + 4 mini workshops to fill your afternoon up with fun.

Our Wedding Special Fireshow can be tailored to your event, from an intimate backyard to a large indoor banquet hall. Let us know what you desire!

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Are you still performing right now?


What kind of shows can I book?

Fire shows and glow shows at dusk or later, private hula hoop lessons birthday events, weddings and anything else you can think of!

What is a driveway show?

It is when we come perform for you in your own driveway! We come prepared, we don’t need to enter your house, we set up and perform short shows just for you (and your neighbours:). You can choose to watch from your window, the yard, the sidewalk etc.

What is a family street show?

When all the neighbours from one block get together to hire us for a larger show. If you can provide us with a large enough space or block of the street for us, we can come and perform for a larger amount of people, all watching from where they are most comfortable, their own yards!

What is a neighbourhood parade?

That is when more than one block wants to get in on the action, or when you want to have a bit of excitement leading up to your own personal driveway or backyard show. We hire enough performers to create a spectacle going down your street. This can be daytime, glow or fire! We bring the music and the fun as we travel down your street or sidewalk.

What is the biggest show you can do currently?

We have up to 4 performers in a show right now, and our longest set is 30 minutes

How long is an average fire show?

We usually do 10-15 minute solo or duet shows, choreographed to music. We also have up to 25 minute shows with 3 or more performers, and if you want more interaction on a microphone.