My Hoop: what to do with & expect of my new hula hoop!

You got a hoop!

Care of the hoop:

Pretty self-explanatory!  If you use it on grass and carpet, it will stay pretty longer.  If you use it on pavement or cement floors it will start to strip it’s colour’s faster. This won’t affect how it works for you, and your joy within the hoop. Try not to get it wet, though they are reasonably durable!

Descriptions of the different hoops:

Adult Hoop

Sizes range from 38″ diameter to 44″ and larger.  The larger the hoop the easier it is to hoop with due to momentum and time it takes to complete one revolution.

Some people stay with a larger slower hoop for their entire hooping life as the dance is more relaxed.  You can also size down as you get more experienced, to create more of a challenge or speed up to the style of music you prefer.

Heavier material * bigger sizes

Kids Hoop

Sizes are 34″ diameter or smaller, and are good for smaller torso’s, kids, intermediate hoopers looking for more of a challenge, and for hand hooping (although they are not quite as kind on the hands as the polypro hand hoops).

lighter material * smaller sizes

Butterfly Hoop

This cute little hoop collapses down to 2 smaller circles for easy travel.  It works the best as a 34″ or 36″ diameter, for the hard worker, kids or the intermediate hooper.

lighter material * smaller sizes * collapsible

Hand Hoops

Polypro 5/8″OD tubing, in a 32″ diameter size, for easy hand hooping and very fast or very small hoopers.  Sold in pairs!

lightest bouncy material * smaller sizes